Assistant Professor
+91 8886299898
Qualification :
M.Sc., Ph.D.
Work experience (PDF/Teaching etc.):
9 Years 9 months
Area/s of research interests :
Environmental biotechnology.
Research grants (during the last Five years):
DST-SERB 19.95 Lakhs
Research students (Ph.D awarded/working):
One working
Awards and achievements:
Details of significant paper publications :
1.Jaffer Mohiddin, G., Srinivasulu, M., Madakka, M., Vasundara, P., Meghana, D. and Rangaswamy, V. (2013). INFLUENCE OF SELECTED INSECTICIDES ON PHOSPHATASE ACTIVITY IN TWO GROUNDNUT (Arachis hypogaea L.) SOILS. International Journal of Development Research 3(5):009-013. Impact factor: 0.4
2.G.Jaffer Mohiddin, M. Srinivasulu, K. Subramanyam, M. Madakka, D. Meghana, V. Rangaswamy (2013). Influence of insecticides flubendiamide and spinosad on biological activities in tropical black and red clay soils 3 Biotech DOI, 10.1007/s13205 013-0188-3 .(Springer)
3. Jaffer Mohiddin, G., Srinivasulu, M., Madakka, M., B. Anuradha, Meghana, D. and Rangaswamy, V.(2013). Impact of selected insecticides on protease and invertase activities in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) SOILS , discovery Biotechnology, vol 4(11):24-31. ISSN 2319-7773, EISSN 2319 – 7781.(Springer)
4. Prasad.P. Naidu, M.Madakka, Bandi Rajesh (2014) Puplia lappacea Juss [L]: A Review of Photchemistry and Therapeutic application; Asian journal of Pharmacuetica and Clinical Research, vol(7): 15-18. (Elsevier impact factor: 0.7)
5. C. P. Karuna sree , P. Prasad, V. Jayashankar Reddy and M. Madakka (2015). Cardio protective of scleria Lithosperma on Doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity in wistar Albino Rats Annual Research & Review in biology (Science Domain international) 8(6):1-9.
6. M. Lakshmi Prasanna, S. Sumithra and M. Madakka (2016). Removal of safranin –o from aqueous solution by adsorption onto Carbonized spent coffee ground, international journal of recent Scientific research 7(4):10401-10405.
7. Madakka,M, Jayaraju,N., and Sowjanaya, M., Pramod kumar, M., (2017). A study on Zinc speciation in Tungabadra Sediments of Kurnool, India: A tool in metal pollution Monitoring. ( In Press, Elsevier )
8. Madakka,M, Jayaraju,N., and Rangaswamy, V. (2017). Changes in the metabolic activities of two agricultural soils as influenced by the pesticides and insecticides combination. Applied soil Ecology. 120, 169-178. (Elsevier)
9. B. Lakshmanna, N. Jayaraju, T. Lakshmi Prasad,G. Sreenivasulu, K. Nagalakshmi M. Pramod Kumar, M. Madakka (2018). Data on Molluscan Shells in parts of Nellore Coast, southeast coast of India. Data in Brief. 16, 705–712. (Elsevier)
10. Madakka, M., Jayaraju,N., Rajesh, N., 2018. Mycosynthesis of silver nanoparticles and their characterization. Methods X. 5, 20-29. (Elsevier)
Conference/symposia attended (during the last five years):
1. M.Madakka and V.Rangaswamy (2014) National Seminar on Emerging Trends in Genetics and Genomics Research, Yogi Vemana University,Kadapa,A.P., 13 & 14, Feb 2014.
2. M.Madakka and V.Rangaswamy (2014) National conference on recent Trends in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics,YogiVemana University,Kadapa,A.P., 12 & 13 Feb 2014.
3. M.Madakka and Sowjanya and Prasad.P (2014) International Conference on Environmental and Energy 2014, organized by Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad. December 15 – 17, 2014.
4. M.Madakka and V.Rangaswamy (2015) National conference on recent Trends in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics , Yogi Vemana University,Kadapa, A.P., 2015, 25 March, 2015.
5. M.Madakka, Sumithra, Dilip Kumar, (2016) International conference, Nagarjuna University, Guntur. January
6. M. Madakka, N. Jayaraju and Muni kumari(2016), International Conference, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupathi, INDIA, December, 21-23, 2016
7. M. Madakka, N. Jayaraju and V. Rangaswamy (2017), Indian Science Congress, Sri Venkateswara University, 3-7 January, 2017.
Conference/symposia/workshop organized (during the last five years):
Other Information (books, patents, collaborations etc.):