Dr. C.Madhava Reddy, Ph.D
Assistant Professor
Department of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics
cmreddy@yogivemanauniversity.ac.in, cmadhavareddy@gmail.com

Qualification :
Ph.D. in Animal Sciences (2002) @ University of Hyderabad.
External Links:
Experience/ Service:
S.NO From To Name of Organization Position held Scale of Pay
1 23-07-2009 Present Yogi Vemana University Assistant Professor UGC Scale
2 2008 2009 Burnham Institute, CA, USA Post doctoral Fellow NIH Scale
3 2006 2008 UTMDACC, TX, USA Research Scientist NIH Scale
4 2002 2006 UTMDACC, TX, USA Post doctoral Fellow NIH Scale
Professional Bodies Memberships:
  1. Life Member, Laboratory Animal Scientist’s Association
  2. Life Member, Indian Association for Cancer Research
  3. Life Member, The Indian Science Congress Association
  4. Life Member, Society of Biological Chemists (India)
  5. Member, The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Project Details:
S.No Title of the project Duration Funding agency Amount (Rs)
1 Molecular mechanism(s) of DNA ---- repair protein in mammalian cells (PI) 2013-17 UGC 10,56,000.00
2 Cross-talk between ---- T cells in ovarian cancer using mouse model (Co-PI) 2012-15 CSIR 22,00,000.00
Particulars of Research Guidance:
Number of Ph.D(s) awarded : 2
Number of Ph.D. scholars working : 3
Number of M.Sc students (major project period- one semester) trained: 18
Selected Publications:
1. Latha TS, Madhava C Reddy,Durbaka PV, Muthukonda SV, and Madhava C Reddy. Immuomodulatory properties of titanium dioxide nanostructural materials. Indian J Pharmacol. 49: 458-64, 2018. IF: 0.63
2. Latha TS, Madhava C Reddy, Muthukonda SV, and Madhava C Reddy. In vitro and In vivo evaluation of anti-cancer activity of TiO2 nanomaterials. Mater Sci Eng C Mater Biol Appl. 78: 969-977, 2017. IF: 4.164
3. Lomada D, Jain M, Bolner M, Reeh KAG, Kang R, Reddy MC, DiGiovanni J, Richie ER. Stat3 Signaling promotes survival and maintenance of medullary thymic epithelial cells. PLoS Genet. 2016 12(1):e1005777. IF: 6.66
4. Latha TS, Dakshayani Lomada , Dharani PK, Muthukonda SV, Reddy MC .Ti-O based nanomaterials ameliorate experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis and collagen-induced arthritis.RSC Adv., 6, 8870-8880, 2016. IF: 3.28
5. Latha TS, Panati K, Gowd DS, Reddy MC and Lomada D. Ovarian Cancer Biology and Immunotherapy. Int Rev Immunol. 33(5) 428-440, 2014. IF: 4.43
6. Lange SS1, Reddy MC1 , Vasquez KM. Human HMGB1 directly facilitates interactions between nucleotide excision repair proteins on triplex-directed psoralen interstrand crosslinks. DNA repair 8(7): 865-872, 2009. 1 Authors contributed equally.IF: 3.92
7. Thoma BS, Wakasugi M, Christensen J, Reddy MC, Vasquez KM. Human XPC-hHR23B interacts with XPA-RPA in the recognition of triplex-directed psoralen DNA interstrand crosslinks. Nucleic Acids Res. 33(9):2993-3001, 2005.IF: 9.20
8. Reddy MC, Christensen J, Vasquez KM. Interplay between human high mobility group protein 1 and replication protein A on psoralen-cross-linked DNA. Biochemistry. 44(11):4188-4195, 2005. IF: 2.87
9. Subhashini J, Mahipal SV, Reddy MC, Mallikarjuna Reddy M, Rachamallu A, Reddanna P. Molecular mechanisms in C-Phycocyanin induced apoptosis in human chronic myeloid leukemia cell line-K562. Biochem Pharmacol. 68(3):453-462, 2004. IF: 5.09
10. Reddy CM, Bhat VB, Kiranmai G, Reddy MN, Reddanna P, Madyastha KM. Selective inhibition of cyclooxygenase-2 by C-phycocyanin, a biliprotein from Spirulina platensis. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 277(3):599-603, 2000. IF: 2.40