Dr. Mercy Vijetha Jillella
Assistant Professor
+91 9490653280
Qualification :
Ph.D, M.A, B.Ed, PGDCE
Work experience (Teaching etc) :
1. 3 years as contract lecturer in SCNR Govt. Degree College, Proddutur (1997-1999,2005-2005.)
2. 3 years as an Academic Consultant in Yogi Vemana University, Kadapa from 2005-2008.
3. 11 years as Assistant Professor, Yogi Vemana University, Kadapa (From Nov.2008 to till date)
Administrative experience :
Coordinator/Head Dept of English, Yogivemana University College, Kadapa (2015-2017).
Area of research interests :
New Literatures & Subaltern Literature
Research Grants (during the last five years) :
Research Students (Ph.D awarded/ working) :
2 working
Selected Publications :
International :
• Paulo Coeth’s The Alchemist : A Magical Fable about following your Dream – A Bird’s Eye View. Published in Research Dimensions, A Multi – Disciplinary peer- viewed International Research Journal, Solapur, Maharashtra. ISSN – 2249-3867
• Felled Treee a Sequel to Gieve Petel’s On Killing A Tree P57-60 Poetcrit Vol...XXVI July, 2013.ISSN:0970 2830
• Democrucifiction: Review of a Responsive Poem, Roots International journal of Multidisciplinary Researches, vol.3 Special Issue 6 February 2017, pg no.117, ISSN- 2349-8684.
“The Portrayal of Women’s Savagery and Struggle for Freedom in Marlon James’s The Book of Night Women” an international journal ROCK PEBBLS pg no.123-126. Vol. XXII No, 11, June 2018 ISSN: 0975-0509.
National :
Electronic and Print Media for Developing Communication Skills. New Media Technology and society by T.Shyam Swaroop, Paramount Publishing House, New Delhi, ISBN – 978-93-82163-64-0.
• Mass Conversions in south India with Special Reference to Costal Andhra South Indian History Congress, Kadapa 2011. ISSN-2229-3671.
• Demo ‘Cru’ cifiction’, Telugu Poem Pg. No. 104 Tegipadinachota Thegabadadame, ebook: www. Kinige.com March 2013.
• Daaham : A Reflection of Unfair Domination and Exploitation of Dalits, PP 217-221. Literary Vibes Vol. II, Issues 11 July 2013 ISSN – 2320-3671. P.679-682.
• Black Mother! Reminiscence of a Mother’s Ghastly Experiences.” Pub in “Literary Vibes” Volume IV, Issues II June 2015. ISSN 2320-6896.
• Demo’ ‘Crucifiction’, A poem in English Translation, Rock Pebbles, pg no.168 Oct- Dec 2016, Vol. XX No. IV ISSN: 0675-0509.
• Sexist Language Mars Effective Verbal Communication, “Importance of Cultural Change in Other Languages” Central Institute of Indian Languages, vol.13 pp. 284, Issue no.8, Aug 2017, ISSN: 2456- 4702.
“The Impact of Native Dialects on Marlon James’s novel John Crow’s Devil” “Importance of Cultural Change in Other Languages” Central Institute of Indian Languages, pp. 323-324, Vol.13, ISSUE NO-8, Aug 2017, ISSN NO: 2456-4702.
“Nuances of Translation in Bama’s Fictional work Karakku” “Importance of Cultural Change in Other Languages” Central Institute of Indian Languages, pp. 325-326, Vol.13, ISSUE NO-8, Aug 2017, ISSN NO: 2456-4702.
• Exploration of Victim- Victimizer Syndrome in Bama’s Short Story “Chilli Powder”. Rock Pebbles, July 2018. ISSN- 0975-0509.
• “ Bama’s Ponnuthayi: A Shift from Ignorance to Consciousness” “The Rise of Dalit Literature and its Impact” August 2018,ISSN-978-21-942646-4-7.
• “ Bama’s Pongal: From Nothing to Something” ROCK PEBBLES ISSN: 0975-0509 Vol. XXIV No, 13, September 2018 pg no.120-126.
• “Study of Cultural Marginalization in the novel The Book of Night Women by Marlon James” “Culture and Literature: Convergence & Divergence (ICCLCD ’18)” September 2018. ISBN-978-81-940046-4-0.
• Theme of Redemption in the Parable of the Lost Daughter:Luke 15 : 11-32 p. 284- 289 in Cultural Perspectives in Modern Literature, Edited by M. Kanndhasan and S. Esther Juliet Sujatha, Emerald Publishers, 2019 ISBN : 9788194004257.
Seminars & Conferences Attended :
International :
• Participated and presented paper titled “A.D. Hope’s ‘Australia: A Post – Colonial Perspective’ on “ Teaching Literatures in English for Cross- Cultural Communications” APSCHE and UGC sponsored international Seminar during 8-10 August 2011 by Dept. of English & Communications, Dravidian University, Kuppam.
• Participated and presented paper titled ‘Boldness and Intelligence Brought Them Water’ in International Conference on Women’s Writing in English Sponsored by APSCHE&ICSSR at Sri Padmavathi Mahila Viswavidyalayam, Tirupati, 30-01-2012.
• Sikhamani’s Poetry: A Reflection of Pain Agony: Exploring The Cultural & Literary global seminar on Fourth world Literature. Dept. of English, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur, Dec 2012.
• Margaret Atwood’s Bodily Harm: A Reflection of bodily harm on woman (weak and Powerless). Cultural Spaces: Canada & India, 27-29 Jan 2014 Dept. of English, S.V. University, Tirupati.
• ‘Christmas At Keelvenmani’ : ‘Narration De Urgencia’ U.G.C. Sponsered “Global Seminar on Celebrating the Ancient/Contemporary Wisdom of fourth World” 14-16 December 2015, Department of English, Acharya Nagarjuna Universirty, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India.
• Democrucifiction: Review of a Responsive Poem, International Conference on Innovations in English Language Teaching and Literary Studies organised by the PG & Research dept. Of English Auxilium College, Vellore in collaboration with Roots International Journal of Multidisciplinary Researches on 17 February 2017 at Vellore, Tamilanadu.
National :
Why shouldn’t we go there – Who has given you right to do this! UGC National Seminar on Indian English Literature, S.V. Arts College, Giddalur, A.P. 10-11 February 2012.
• Modern words to describe The Meaning As They Are Now and At Once. UGC National Seminar on “Teaching English To The Students of Higher Education, S.K.R. and S.K.R. Govt College for Women, Kadapa. On 27-28th 2012.
• Gurazada Appa Rao’s “Desha Bhakti, A.D. Hope’s “Australia – A Comparative Study.” National Seminar organized by department of Telugu YV University, Kadapa. On 21st September 2012.
• Charles Dickens ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ Represents Confrontation Between Two Entitiess, Charles Dickens: A Novelist Par Excellence, UGC National Seminar held in S.V. Universsity on Tirupati, 17-18th September, 2012.
• Teeru Tennulu K. Enochs “Caltle Thief” A Picturisation of Dalit’s Courage: Shatabdi Telugu Sahityam – March, 12-14, 2014 Department of Telugu, Yogi Vemana University, Kadapa.
Mariya : Abuse, Exploitation and Untouchability. National Seminar on “Contemporary literatures in English: Critical Perspectives “Organised by U.G.C. National Seminar on held during 7 & 8 January 2015. At Sri Padmavathi Mahila Viswa Vidhyalayam Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh.
• Participated in “Historiography of Indian Literature” National seminar organized by the Department of English, Yogi Vemana University Kadapa in collaboration with Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi on 28-29 September 2015.
“Resentment of Child Aginst Parents in a Few Margaret Atwood’s Novels. “National Seminar on ‘Portrait of child in Literature. Organised by Andhra Sahiti, Department of English and Telugu MVN, JS & RVR College of Arts & Science, Malikipuram, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh in collaboration with Adikavi Nannaya University, Rajahmundry during 9th & 10th October 2015.
• Participated in Rayalaseema Identity, Developement And Politics From 1953 to 2014, organised by Dept of History, GDCW, Kadapa and ICHR on 5th &6th December 2015.
• ‘Aesops Tales: A Source to Teach Managerial Skills’. 23rd All India Annual Conference of Fossils Jointly organized by department of Telugu , Yogi Vemana University, Kadapa. Floklore Society of south Indian Languages, Mysore- 7 C.P. Brown Memorial Library, Kadapa held during 4th -6th February 2016 at Yogi Vemana University, Kadapa.
• Participated in two day National workshop on Postmodern and Post Colonial Critical Theories. Organized by Dept. of English on 10th &11th Nov 2016, SPMVV University, Tirupati, A.P.
• Participated in UGC- SERO sponsored Two Day National Workshop on English Language and Literature - A Synchrony, Organized By Government College For Men (Autonomous) 28th – 29th December 2016.
• Participated in the National Workshop On Recent Trends In Exploration Of Natural Resources. Held on 25-10-2017, Organised by the Dept. of Geology, Yogi Vemana University, Kadapa, A.P.
• Participated and presented a paper in a one-day National Seminar on The Rise of Dalit Literature And Its Impact. Organized by Dept of English on 10th August, 2018.
• Participated in National Seminar on Kandukuri Jeevetham- Sahithyam- Samskaranodhyamam. Organized by the Department of Telugu, Yogi Vemana University and by the Department of Youth, Tourism and cultural Affairs, A.P. On 24th -25th Aug, 2018.
• Participated in one day National Seminar on “ The Rise of Dalit Literature and Its Impact” organised by Dept of English on 10th August 2018, ST.Antony’s College of Arts and Sciences for Women, Thamaraipad, Dindigul- 5.
• Participated and presented a paper in two day National Seminar on Literature of the Marginalized. Organised by Dept. of English 8, SPMV University, Tirupati, A.P. on 4th & 5th September, 2018.
• Participated in National Seminar on Rayalaseema Sahityam- Vyavasayika Jeevitham. On 5th-6th October, 2018 Organized by Dept. of Telugu, Yogi Vemana University, Kadapa.
• Participated and presented a paper titled “ Testimonio : Voicing the Voiceless” in Two –Day national Seminar on Recent Trends in the Teaching and Learning and Literature (RITLELL-2019) organized by Centre for English language Training (CELT), Palamuru University, ICSSR Telangana State Council of Higher Education & Palamuru University at Mahabub Nagar during 8 th & 9 th March 2019.
• Participated in A Two- day FDP on “Academic challenges in 21st century” at Sri Sai Institute of Technology and Science from 20th & 21st May 2019.
• Participated in 5- Day FDP on “ Rural Immersion and Community Engagement” held from 2nd to 6th July 2019, organised by Mahatma Gandhi Council of Rural Education, Hyderabad , Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt of India & NSS cell, YV University, kadapa A.P.
• Training of Trainers on Employability Skills for NSS Programme Officers jointly organised by the Centre for Training Orientation and capacity Building, Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development ( RGNIYD) and Y.V.U NSS cell, Kadapa from 10-12 July 2019 at Y.V University, Kadapa. AP.