Name of the Department with Address and Contact number :
Department of Journalism and Communication
Room No. 13, Old Men’s Hostel
Yogi Vemana University
Kadapa – 516005
Contact Number : 08562 – 225476,09000276391, 09848375467.
Year of Establishment :
The Department of Journalism and Communication was established in the year 2009 with a broad objective to develop students in the field of Media and Communication studies. Today the State of Andhra Pradesh is witnessing a Media boom in terms of growth in both print and electronic media. The growing media culture has opened the job market and opportunities for professionals in the field of Reporting, Editing, Advertising, Media Production and Public Relations. To capture the job market students need to be aware of the latest trends in the Media profession along with an in - depth knowledge on various media functions.
The Department of Journalism and Communication offers two years (Four Semester) Masters Programme i.e. Master of Journalism and Mass Communication (MJMC) combining the theoretical aspects, practical along with skill orientation. The Course is designed to provide students with the basic concepts of journalism and Communication along with knowledge of evolution & growth of various media, their objectives, functions etc. The course gives an insight in to the qualities and responsibilities of various professions in media organizations and familiarizes the students with the basic techniques, practical aspects of the tasks involved in field of journalism and communications. The total seats are 30 (15-REGULAR & 15- SELF FINANCED). The students have to pass the written entrance test conducted as per the notification issued every year by the University. The Department has rolled out four batches among which majority of students are well placed in popular media organizations all over the state.
The course name may be changed to Master of Journalism and Mass Communication (MJMC).
The department name may be changed to Department of Journalism and Communication
Details of the faculty members :
Name of the Faculty Designation Specialization
T.Shyam Swaroop Assistant Professor & Coordinator Corporate Communications Environmental Communication
Achievements :

Staff of the Department participated in several International and National Conferences and published papers in several reputed Journals.

The students of the Department were selected by various reputed media houses as Reporters and Sub-editors.

Number of Research Scholars :

Academic year 2010-2011 - One Research Scholar will be admitted.

Details of Research Scholar :
Name of the Research Scholar Research Area Name of the Research Supervisor
T.SURESH BABU Role of News papers in Implementation of Right To Information Act-2005 in Kadapa District. Dr. N. Eswara Reddy Dept. of Telugu
Number of Students :
BATCH No of Students Admitted No of Students passed out
2010-12 24 21
2011-13 18 12
2012-14 22 22
2013-15 20 ---
2014-16 18 ---
Seminars / Conferences / Symposia / Workshops / GUEST Lectures conducted:
  1. UGC Sponsored “National Seminar on Media, Technology & Culture – Interface and Implications” March, 2012.
  2. UGC Sponsored “National Seminar on “Right to Information Act- Issues, Impact and Implications” March, 2014.
  4. Conducted Two Day, Training Work Shop for Rural Journalists from April 2011 jointly organized by Andhra Pradesh Press Academy and Yogi Vemana University, Andhra Pradesh.
  5. Conducted a workshop on Research Methodology Course in February 2012 sponsored by Indian Council of Social Science Research, Southern Regional Centre, Hyderabad and Yogi Vemana University, Kadapa
  7. Guest lecture by Dr. Ratnakar, Indian Information Service, Field Publicity Officer, Government of A.P, Kadapa on “Career Opportunities in Journalism” 2011
  8. Guest lecture by Dr.Nagasuri Venugopal, Senior Programme Executive, Media Analyst on “Is Media a mirror of society” 2011
  9. Guest lecture by UNESCO Awardee, Senior Editor and poet Sri Devi Priya on “Media Ethics and Challenges” 2012
  10. Guest Lecture by Sri M.E.V.Prasad Reddy, Business Editor, Vaartha, Hyderabad on “Media Trends and Challenges” 2012
Books Published -2:
News Reporting – Techniques and Trends, LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany, 2012, ISBN No 978-3-8484-1209-9
New Media Technology and Society, Paramount Publishers, Hyderabad, A.P, 2012, ISBN No978-93-82163-64-0
Publications- International – 04, National: 10:
Role of New Media in Natural Disasters, published in International Journal of Communication & Development, P. No - 5-12, Volume-2, Issue-3, Oct-Dec-2012, ISSN No2231-2498
Role of Mass Media in “Conscientization” of Education published in MIRROR-Peer referred Bi –annual International Research Journal, P. No - 109-115, Vol.3, No.1 March 2013¸ ISSN No: 2249-8117
The Global Film Genre Called “Bollywood” published in International Journal of Communication, P. No 212-217, Volume-23, No.1-2, Jan-Dec-2013, ISSN No0975-640X
Analysis of Stake Holder’s Utility perceptions of different surface water tanks in Kadapa District of Andhra Pradesh published in MIRROR-Peer referred Bi –annual International Research Journal, P. No – 74-79, Vol.4, No.2 September, 2014 ISSN No: 2249-8117