Department of Biochemistry
+91 9849216278
Educational Qualifications:
B.Sc. (1980) - Distinction
S.V. University, Tirupati.
M.Sc Biochemistry (1982) - First Division
University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad.
Ph.D (1988)
University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad.
Administrative Experience:
• Dean, Faculty of Science, YVU, Kadapa 2014- till date
• Rector, YVU, Kadapa 2012 – 2013
• Member, Executive Council, YVU 2009-10, 2012-13
• Registrar(FAC), YVU ,Kadapa Jan- June 2012
• Principal (FAC), YVU College,Kadapa June2011- Oct 2011
• Dean, College Development Council, YVU 2010 to 2012
• Principal, YVU College, Kadapa 2008 to 2010
• Head, Dept. of Biochemistry, YVU 2007 to 2014
• Chairman, Board of Studies in Biochem., YVU 2008 to till date
• Dean, School of Life Sciences, YVU 2008
• Chief Warden, Men & Women Hostels, YVU 2008 to 2010
• Chairman, YVUCET, Kadapa 2008-2009
• I/c Dean, School of Physical Sciences, YVU 2008 to 2010
• I/c Dean, School of Math. & Comp. Applns 2008 to 2010
• I/c Dean, School of Management Studies 2008
Academic Experience:
Total Teaching & Research Experience: 27 years i) Professor & Head (Yogi Vemana University, Kadapa, Oct. 2007 to till date) : Joined as first Professor of YV University & first Head, Department of Biochemistry.
ii) Associate Professor - 1997-2007
Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad, A.P.
iii) Assistant Professor - 1993-1997
Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad, A.P.
iv) Lecturer, Hamdard University, New Delhi - 1990-1993
v) Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Connecticut, USA - 1989-1990
Area/s of research interests :
Clinical Biochemistry and diagnostics.
Neurochemistry & Nutritional biochemistry.
Herbal drugs and Anti-oxidants.
Departmental & other appointments :
i) Coordinator, Dept. of Zoology, Yogi Vemana University 2008
ii) Coordinator, Dept. of Genetics & Genomics 2008 to 2010
iii) I/c Head, Dept. of MBA 2008 to 2010
iv) I/c Head, Dept. of MCA 2008 to 2010
v) I/c Head, Dept. of Botany 2010
vi) Nominated Member, ICET – 2010 2010
vii) Member, Technical Committee, Surgical Stores Rate Contract, NIMS, Hyderabad 2000 to 2001
viii) I/c Quality Control, Dept. of Biochemistry, NIMS, Hyderabad 1993 to 2007
viii) Member, Examination Committee, Hamdard University, New Delhi 1993
ix) Member, Animal House Committee, Hamdard University, New Delhi 1992 to 1993
x) Member, Purchase Committee, Hamdard University, New Delhi 1992
xi) Member, Board of Studies, Dept. of Biochemistry Hamdard University, New Delhi 1990 to 1993
xii) President, YV University Teacher’s Association 2009
Honors & Awards :
i) State Best Teacher Award (2011) – Government of Andhra Pradesh.
ii) Member, Executive Council, YVU,Kadapa.
iii) Member, Academic Council, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi.
iv) NIH – Post doctoral fellowship, USA.
v) Monthly fellowship of State Govt. at Degree level, 1977-80.
vi) National Merit Scholarship, 1975.
Projects/ Clinical Mile stones/ Clinical Duties / Revenue Generated :
• Collaborative Research- On AFB and nutritive aspects of small millets. With Prof.B.Sashidhar Rao, Department of Biochemistry, Osmania University, Hyderabad
• Agri-Science Project – Nutritive value and Aflatoxin contamination of millets grown in Kadapa region: a comparative analysis. Govt.of AP, 3 lakhs, 2010
• Undertaken Project with Dr. Ch. Mohan Rao, Director, CCMB – On the role of small Heat Shock protein, αB crystallin in Health & disease (to be completed).
• “Effect of Drugs on human renal system – Doxorubysin” one of the team members, NIMS Project, Hyderabad.
• Generated about Rs. 20.00 crores for NIMS as reflected by statistics of Biochemistry Investigations & duty rosters of the department.
List of significant Publications :
1. K. Vali Pasha. Glutamate and Gamma Amino Butyric Acid Levels after Intracerebral Injection of Follicle Stimulating Hormone in Pubertal and Post-Pubertal Rat Brain. Ind. J. Advances in Chemical Sciences, 4(2), 188-190, 2016.
2. K. Vali Pasha. Effect of intracerebral injection of FSH on glutathione, gamma - glutamyl transpeptidase and total sulfhydril groups levels in pubertal and post pubertal rat brain. Asian Journal of Biochemical and Pharmaceautical Research 5(4), 82-85, 2015.
3. K. Vali Pasha, Plasma GH, Prolactin levels and brain GABA content after intraventricular glutathione injection in ovarectamised steroid primed rats. Asian J. Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research. Vol 5(4), 2012.
4. K. Vali Pasha Involvement of glutathione in puberty and FSH release. Neuroscience Letters, 423:78-81, 2007.
5. M.Nadeem, P.C.Dandiya, K.V.Pasha, M.Imran, D.K.Balani and S.B.Vohra. Hepatoprotective activity of Solanum nigrum fruits Fitoterapia, Volume LXVIII-N.3, 245-251,1997.
6. M.Nadeem, P.C.Dandiya, K.V.Pasha, M.Imran, D.K.Balani and S.B.Vohra Hepatoprotective activity of some herbal formulations available in India, Indian Drugs, 33, 390, 1996.
7. K. Vali Pasha and E.Vijayan Acute and short term effect of intraventricular somatostatin and LHRH injection on glutamate and GABA levels of rat brain. Biochemistry International, 26, 7-15,1992.
8. K. Vali Pasha and E.Vijayan GSH levels and gamma - glutamyl transpeptidase activity in adult female rat brain after intraventricular injection of LHRH and somatostatin. Biochem.International, 21(2), 209-217, 1990.
9. K. Vali Pasha and E.Vijayan Glutathione distribution in rat brain at different ages and the effect of intraventricular glutathione on gonadotropin levels in OVX / steroid primed rats. Brain Research Bulletin, 22, 617, 1989.
10. K.Vali Pasha & B.Sadasivudu Intracellular content of thiol compounds,thiobarbituric acid reactive substances and gammaglutamyl transpeptidase in rat brain during anoxia. Neuroscience lett. 46, 209 (1984).
Books / Book-Chapters:
1. K. Vali Pasha, R. Pavanaguru and B. Sasidhar Rao, Environmental Uranium and human health: A review from an epidemiological and biochemical perspective. In: Climate change, biodiversity and green economy. Edited by H.S. Sharma, S. Padmaja, Ganesh Sharma,. ISBN 13:978-81-8069-995-5, Concept Publishing Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, pp 165-174, 2013
2. K. Vali Pasha A book Chapter on role of Cholesterol in human body in Telugu Quaterly Journal, Telugu Academy,Hyderabad: 2011.
3. K. Vali Pasha Author of prescribed text book for B.Sc. (Biochemistry) III year, published by Telugu Academy, First Edition 2010
4. K. Vali Pasha & K. Seshagirirao – Unani and Homeopathy in Post-Graduate Diploma in Medicinal Botany Course-DMB 411. Editors Kottapally Seshagirirao, VS Raju & P. Apparao 71: 2006
5. K. Vali Pasha & K. Seshagirirao – Quality Control & Certification of Medicinal Plants in Post-Graduate Diploma in Medicinal Botany Course-DMB 421, 2006.
Conferences Participated/ Seminars Attended / Invited guest lecturers / Chairpersons / Panel Discussant :
International: 12,
National: 31.
Conferences /Symposia /Seminars/work shops organized:
National: 10 ,
International: 3.
Participation in Extension Work / Community Service /Popularising science:
• Participated in community health education programs. As a part of it participated in NIMS Education program and gave popular lecture on blood cholesterol in health and disease, NIMS, Hyderabad, 12th March 2005, creating awareness about heart diseases and systemic diseases.
• A number of articles in local news papers about why blood tests are required were also written creating public awareness placing emphasis on the appropriate use of biochemical tests and their interpretation.
• Have also given programs in All India Radio under “Hello Doctor” program about cardiac diseases and the importance of blood tests.
• Organizing Committee Member, Health camp on March, 2007 screening for diabetes & kidney diseases, jointly organized by Dept. of Nephrology & Biochemistry, NIMS, Hyderabad.
• Organized Blood donation camp on the eve of Independence day, YVU, Kadapa, Aug, 2009.
• Conducted Anemia status & Blood grouping of women in Yellatur Village, Kadapa Dist. on the eve of “International Women’s Day” on March 7, 2009.
• Contributed an Article in Telugu on Heart Diseases & Cholestorol in monthly magazine “Andhra Pradesh 2001” published by Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.
• Contributed an article on “Blood tests & Diabetes ” published in Telugu Quarterly Journal published by Telugu Academy, Hyderabad, Apr-Jun. 2011.