Dr.P.Chandramati Shankar
+91 9885277410
Qualification :
M.Sc,Ph.D(University of Mumbai)
PDF experience :
Scientist with EXCEL Industries Ltd, MUMBAI (5yrs),
9 yrs Teaching experience.
Area/s of research interests :
Plant Tissue culture.
Research Focus:
Research experience in plant tissue culture,Doctoral work was Tissue Culture of Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L doctorate degree from Mumbai University, Maharastra. )(1990-1994)
Post Doctoral work (MONBHUSHO FELLOW) was carried out at Shinshu Unversity Faculty of Textile Science and Technology, Ueda, Nagano Japan and Gene Research center, Shinshu University Japan.(1995-2001)worked on following projects:
  1. Analysis of Phenylalanine Ammonia Lyase promoter and regulation of its gene expression in transgenic tobacco plant
  2. Development of a modified insertional mutagenesis system in Arabidopsis thaliana using maize transposons(Ac and Ds)
  3. Analyzing endogenous transposons in Arabidopsis thaliana for long -range purpose to be used as a genetic tool
Present Research work involves studies on medicinal plants. , two aspects are being worked on,
1) Micropropagation using in vitro techniques
2) Induction of hairy root culture in medicinal plants using Agrobacterium rhizogenesis and studying the secondary metabolite production
Projects undertaken :
Total three project under progress:
  1. Micropropagation of Medicinally important plant(caesalpinnia sappan.L) for arid region,Agri Science Park Project,(PI) sponsored by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Andhra Pradesh,( Budget 1.50lakhs)
  2. Biodiversity Assessment and Bioprospection of lichens in Rayalaseema Forests of Andhra Pradesh, India. Co-PI (Sponsored by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Budget 25 lakhs)
  3. Production of Transgenic groundnut (Arachis hypogea) carrying Arabidopsis phytochrome A and B for enhancement of yield Co-PI (Sponsored by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Budget 19 lakhs)
Achievements/Awards :
Research Scholars :
Name of the Research Scholar Research Topic Research Area
Ms. H. Fathima Nazneen Induction and establishment of hairy root culture and studies on production of secondary metabolites in a medicinal plant using Agrobacterim rhizogenes. Plant Tissue Culture
Mr. B. Arun Kumar Naik In vitro micro propagation and screening of Genetic fidelity using molecular markers in Caesalpinia sappan L. Plant Tissue Culture
Foreign visits (Academic/ Research purpose) :
Post Doctoral work (MONBHUSHO FELLOW) was carried out at Shinshu Unversity Faculty of Textile Science and Technology, Ueda, Nagano Japan and Gene Research center, Shinshu University Japan.(1995-2001)
Membership in prestigious academic bodies :
Dr. P. Chandramati Shankar is Life Member in Indian Society for Technical Education, New Delhi; Indian Science Congress, Kolkatta and Association of Biotechnology and Pharmacy, A.P.,
Details of significant paper publications :
1. Madhuri Sharon and P.Chandramati Shankar, 1998, Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from leaf primordial of Phoenix dactylifera cv yakubi. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology, Vol.36, 526-529.
2. Madhuri Sharon and P.Chandramati Shankar, 1999, Regeneration of date palm phoenix dactylifera L. through direct Organogenesis. Indian J. Plant Physio.Vol.4 No4, 323-326.
3. P.Chandramati Shankar, Sachiyo Ito, Masaomi Kato, Minami Matsui, Ritsuo Kodaira, Nobuaki Hayashida and Mitsuo Okazaki,2001.Analysis of Tag1 Like elements in Arabidopsis thaliana and their distribution in other plants. DNA Research 8,1-7.
4. J.Shubha,P.Chandramati Shankar and Anshuman Dua 2006,Study of Antimicrobial activity of Allium sativum, Mentha arventis, Aloe barbadensis miller and Piper betel on Bacteria and Fungi. PARIPRASHNA, Vol.-I, Issue 3.36-41.
5. MadhuSudhana Reddy S. Nayaka, P.Chandramati Shankar, S. Rajagopal Reddy , B. Ravi Prasad Rao,New distributional records and checklist of lichens for Andhra Pradesh, India(communicated).
New Publications/ Book Chapters
1. Anjali Devi B, Satish Mohabe,Madhusudhana Reddy A.,Sanjeeva Nayaka and Chandramati Shankar . Diversity and Distribution of Lichen in YSR District,Andhra Pradesh with several new additions Indian Journal of Plant Sciences ISSN: 2319-3824(online) vol.2.(4)pp1-9
2. Satish Mohabe, A. Madhusudhana Reddy, B. Anjali Devi, Sanjeeva Nayaka & P. Chandramati Shankar, Further new additions to the lichen mycota of Andhra Pradesh, India -- Pp. 6122-6126, Journal of Threatened Taxa, 2014, Vol. 6, No. 8.
Book Chapters:
1. Chandramati Shankar and Fathima Nazneen: "Somaclonal variations in Plant Tissue culture and its role in crop improvment ,T. Pullaiah (Ed.)., Biotechnology for Sustainable Development (2014) P. P. Regency Publications, New Delhi (Accepted for Publication)

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