Name of the Department with Address and Contact number :
Department of psychology
Yogi Vemana University
Kadapa – 516005
Contact Number : 0856-225518
Year of Establishment :

The Department of Psychology was established in the year 2009- 2010 in Yogi Vemana University. At present the department has two faculty members from different research fields like adulthood and aging, organizational behaviour and stress management as their thirst areas.

The M.Sc., Psychology course is a full-time course with specializations of Health Psychology, Psychology of Disability and Aging, Stress and Coping. Master’s course in Psychology is an advanced course aimed at competence building among the students from a holistic perspective and with interdisciplinary approach. Apart from theoretical inputs, the course also emphasizes on laboratory work, supervised practical and clinical training and practice in scientific report writing. The course is aimed to make the student develop professional skills and competence.

The experimental laboratory was established with apparatus like memory drum, muller lyer apparatus, intelligence tests, electrical metronome and other minor equipment to carry out experiments. Apart from this the counselling lab establishment is in process with paper and pencil tests and equipment like bio-feed back to train the students to equip themselves with counselling skills.

At present the student strength is 11 members and in this academic year the department is also offering the Ph.D programmes. The faculty is involved in the outreach programmes and voluntarily helps the NGO’s in executing their activities.

Details of the faculty members :
Name Designation Specialization
Dr. K. Lalitha Assistant Professor Psychology of Adulthood and Aging, Counselling psychology
Dr. V. Lazar Assistant professor & Co-ordinator Organizational Behaviour, Stress management
Events organized by the department :
• UGC sponsored One-day workshop on “Parent child relationship in the modern context :Psychological Implications” at Y.V.University 30-3-2012.
• UGC sponsored two-days Invited symposium on “Recent Trends in Research Methodology” 3rd -4th February, 2014.
Seminars / Conference / Symposia/ Workshops/Guest lecturers conducted :
Sl.No List of Seminar/Symposium Workshop Conferences organized conducted Organized by
1 One day workshop was organized with the collaboration of STEP, Kadapa on “Personality Development” Y.V. University, Kadapa 22-09-2010 Dr.K. Lalitha
2 UGC Workshop on “Parent child relationship in the modern Context- Psychological Implications” Y.V. University, Kadapa 30 -3- 2012 Dr.K. Lalitha
3 UGC sponsored two-days Invited symposium on “Recent Trends in Research Methodology” Y.V. University, Kadapa 3rd -4th February, 2014 Dr. V.Lazar
4 UGC Invited symposium on “Child rearing : Critical Issues – Role of Parents and Teachers” Y.V. University, Kadapa 6 -3-2015 Dr.K. Lalitha
5 ICSSR sponsored IAOP conference on Psychology for Health, Harmony and Happiness Y.V. University, Kadapa 3rd &4th -10 2016 Dr.K. Lalitha
6 NHRC sponsored one day training programme on Rights of Women Y.V. University, Kadapa 8-2-2017 Dr.K. Lalitha
7 Three Day workshop Research Methodology and SPSS, Y.V. University, Kadapa 7-9 Feb., 2018 Dr.K. Lalitha
8 NHRC sponsored one day training programme on Rights of Women Y.V. University, Kadapa 1-3-2018 Dr.K. Lalitha
9 ICSSR sponsored two day national seminar on “Disability and Rehabilitation: Challenges and Strategies “ Y.V. University, Kadapa 27th &28th Dec., 2018 Dr.K. Lalitha
10 International workshop on “Community Mental Health” Y.V. University, Kadapa 10th June, 2019 Dr.K. Lalitha
11 Two day National seminar on “Innovations and Challenges in Health Psychology” Y.V. University, Kadapa 4th &5th February, 2020 Dr.K. Lalitha