Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology.
+91 9441116421
lalithakal@rediffmail.com / psyyvu@gmail.com
Qualifications :
M.Sc., Ph.D., P.G.Dip. in Gerontology; P.G.Dip. in Guidance and Counseling.
Work Experience (PDF/Teaching etc.):
Research Associate -2002-2005 - 2 yrs.
Contract Lecturer - 2006-2009 – 3 years.
Asst. Professor 2009 to till todate – 7 years.
Area of research interests :
Adult development , Ageing, Mental Health, Counseling.
Research Grants :
Title of the Project Funding Agency Duration & Fund
Assessment of Everyday Memory in the aged: An Intervention study MRP, University, Grants Commission, New Delhi. 2 years 6 months Rs.7,31,000/-
Research students (Ph.D awarded/working):
3 students are working for Ph.D.
Awards and achievements :
Award Agency Year
National Merit Scholarship for highest marks in Graduation A.P. Higher Education Board, Hyderabad 1994-96
Sri Venkateswara Award (Young Scientist award) for best paper presentation. Association of Gerontology, Varanasi 1999
T.T.T.I. Award for best Ph.D work. Indian Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP, Chennai) 2003
Conference/symposia attended:
Conference/symposia organized:
Selected Best Publications:
1. Jamuna,D., Lalitha, K. and Ramamurti, P.V. (2003). Future of elder care in India: Hope or despair: Some alternative care models. Indian Journal of Gerontology, 17 (3 & 4), 147- 156.
2. Jamuna, D and Lalitha, K. (2004). Loneliness among Community dwelling older People – Efficacy of Counseling Interventions. Journal of Community Guidance and Research, 21(2), 196-205.
3. Lalitha, K. and Jamuna, D. (2004). Adaptation to Bereavement in Older Men and Women. Psychological Studies, 49(1), 73-77.
4. Lalitha, K., and Jamuna, D. (2004). Memory status in the Elderly and its Correlates: An Intervention Study. Indian Journal of Gerontology, 18 (1).
5. Jamuna, D., Lalitha, K. and Ramamurti, P.V. (2004) Psycho-Social contributants to Self-Esteem among Older Widows. Indian Journal of Gerontology, 18(2), 151-158.
6. Venkatasubbaiah, C., Lalitha, K., and Jamuna, D. (2006). T.V. Viewing by Elderly and their depiction in the visual media. Ageing & Society, The Indian Journal of Gerontology XVI(3), 1-12.
7. Lalitha, K. and Jamuna, D. (2006). Remote memory in the elderly and its impact on well being. Psychological studies, 50 (3). 151-158.
8. Lalitha, K. and Jamuna, D. (2010). Aging In India – An Issue of Nation’s Development. In S.K. Kallolikar and Gangadhar B. Sonar (Ed.) Developmental Perspectives: Issues, Challenges and Interventions. Agra: Current Publications. 185-194.
9. Lalitha, K., Aswartha Reddy, A, Lakshmi Devi, M. (2015). Depression and Coping among Women Working In Rural Areas. The International Journal of Indian Psychology, Vol. 2(4- No. 5), 148-157.
10. Lalitha,K. (2015). Role of interventions in improving Memory performance in the Aged. International Journal of Business Intelligence & Innovations, Spl. Vol. ISSN 23484705. 69-75.
Any specific inclusions (books, patents, collaborations etc.):
Book Publication Details:

Lalitha, K. and Jamuna, D. (2010). Memory in the Elderly: Can we improve it?. Manas Publishers, Jaipur. ISBN No. 978-81-921743-3-4.
Collaboration – Psychological Counselling services to Engineering students, Srinivasa Institute of Technology & Science, Kadapa