Assistant professor & Co-ordinator
+91 7075738606/9290075744
Academic Qualifications :
Bachelors degree (B.A-psychology) from Sri Venkateswar university Tirurpathi A,P India 1995
Masters degree in Psychology (M.Sc) from Sri Venkateswar university Tirurpathi A,P India 1999
Masters degree in Education (M.Ed) from IASE Deemed University Rajastan India 2004
Doctoral degree in Psychology (P.hD) from Sri Venkateswara University Tirupathi A.P India 2009
Post Graduation Diploma in Industrial Relation and Personnel Management from Sri Venkateswar University Tirurpathi A,P India 1999.
Post Graduation Diploma in Mental Health and Mental Retardation from Kuvempu University Karnakata India 2006.
Area of Interest:
Health Psychology, Stress Management, Clinical Psychology, Mental Health, Industrial Psychology.
Personality, Psycho Therapy, Positive Psychology, Illness, Organizational Behaviour.
Teaching experience:
1. Working as Assistant Professor, Yogivemana University Kadapa A.P.India 2009- to till date
2. Worked as a Coordinator, Department of Psychology Yogivemana University Kadapa A.P.India 2012-2014.
3. Worked as a lecturer at St.Mary’s P.G. College, Hyderabad A.P. India- 2002-2009.
4. Worked as a counselor for St, Mary’s Group of Educational Institutions Hyderabad 2005-2009.
Administration Experience:
1. Working as a Student Welfare Director Yogivemana University Kadapa A.P.India 2010- to till date.
2. Working as a Assistant Public Relation Officer Yogivemana University Kadapa A.P.India 2014- to till date .
3. Worked as a Deputy Warden for Men’s hostel Yogivemana University Kadapa A.P.India 2013-2015.
Adjudication of Thesis:
Professional Body Affiliations:
IAAP life time member
NAOP life time member
IAOP life time member
Publications :
1. Dr.V.Lazar. (2015) The sense of control as an intervening variable between job stress coping and burnout among IT professionals. Innovative management practices. For global competitiveness. ISBN 978-81-929581-2-5.
2. Dr.V.Lazar.(2015) Stress and Burnout among IT professionals. International journal of Business Intelligence and Innovations. Vol.2 2015.ISSN. 23484705.
3. Dr.V.Lazar & Dr.K.Lalitha,(2012) Coping styles as a correlate to job stress among IT employees. Management Practices in Global Perspectives. In Y. Subbarayudu (Ed.,) Paramount Publishing House, Hyderabad. ISBN: 978-81-921579-0-0.
4. B.Rivindra and Dr.V.Lazar.(2013) Relationship between Spirituality and Depression among professional and non professional students. Conflux journal of education Vol.1, issue 7.2013. ISSN.2320.9305.
5. Dr.V.Lazar, Dr.K.Lalitha & B.Ravindra(2014) Attitude towards Euthanasia among professionals and special concern groups. Indian journal of applied research .Vol.4.issue5. May 2014.ISSN:2249-555x. Impact Factor. 2.165.
6. Dr.V.Lazar, Dr.K.Lalitha & B.Rivindra. (2014) Depression in professional and non professional students. Innovative Thoughts International Research Journal. Vol.1 Issue5 April 2014. ISSN 2321-5453.
7. .Dr.V.Lazar (2014) Sources of job stress among IT professionals. Indian journal of Applied Research.Vol.4 issue2.2014.issn-2249-555x.impact factor:0.8215.
8. Dr.V.lazar,& K.Blessy Vinutha(2016) impact of information and communication Technology among professional students. Indian journal of Applied Research Vol.6 Issue.3. 2016 issn-2249-555X impact factor.3.919.
Participation / presentation of paper in International and National conferences:
 2016. Presented a paper on Need for pre retirement planning for the Elderly strategies. National Conference on “Problems of the Elderly: Challenges and Strategic Interventions”. Organized by Department of Social Work, Vikrama Simhapuri University, Nellore. 21st – 22nd March.
 2016. Presented a paper entitled physical health social supports and depression among older men and women UGC-DRS-I National Seminar on “ Healthy Aging- A Life Span Perspective” Department of Psychology, S.V. University, Tirupati , 10th -11th March.
 2016. Participated in two day workshop on “Couple Counselling- Skill Development” organized by the Indian Academy of Psychologists , Tirupati.
 2015powergrid corporation of India kadapa. One day seminar on preventive vigilance as a tool for good governance. Yogivemana university kadapa. Oct 28th ,2015.
 2015. UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Sustainability and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems in semiarid areas. Organized by the Department of Zoology, Govt. Degree College(UG&PG), Anantapur. 7th and 8th January, 2015.
 2014. UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Molecular and Genetics basis of Neurological disorders. Organized by Department of Zoology Sri V.S.S.C. Government Degree college Sulurpet Nellore District. 19th &20th Dec 2014.
 2014. International workshop on Stress and Resilience Technique. Organized by Government Degree college (autonomous) Rajamandry 16th Nov 2014.
 2014. Psycho-Social problems of male prisoners in kadapa. ICSSR sponsored National Seminar on Stress and Resilience- in Children, Adolescents, Women and support group. Organized by department of psychology Adikavi Nannaya University Rajamandry.14th &15th Nov 2014.
 2014. Emotional Intelligence as moderator of job stress among IT professionals. Three day National Conference on Stress Management on Professionals-Organized by International Stress Management Association – Hyderabad. 6th to 8th Nov 2014 .
 2014. Emotional Intelligence as a moderator in Employee Stress. National Seminar on Role of Human Resources in Economic Development. Organized by Department of Business Management YV University kadapa 16th &17th Apr 2014.
 2014. Impact of Environment Exposure on Well being among Adults UGC sponsored National Seminar on Emerging Trends in Environmental Science and Technology. Organized by department of Environmental Science YV university Kadapa 14th & 15th March 2014.
 2014. Mobile addiction as a correlate to psychological well-being among postgraduate students in Kadapa district. National seminar service sector and quality management. NSSQM.Y.V University kadapa
 2013. Health Risk Behaviour as Depicted in the Media. 9th Annual Meet of AOP & International conference (INCAOP-13), S.V. University, Tirupati, 29-30th June.
 2011. Depression among Professional and Non-Professional students. National Seminar on Perspectives on Life Style Changes. Organized by Psychology Wing, Annamalai University, Chidambaram. 17th -18th February.
 2011. Depression and Spirituality among Professional and Non-Professional students. UGC National Conference “Mental Health and Spirituality Improving Quality of Life”. S.P.W. Degree& P.G. College, & S.V. University. October, 21-22.
 2010. Quality of Life – Self Care Interventions. 48th IAAP & 14 International Conference. Andhra University, Visakhapatnam. 18-20th February.
 2010. National Seminar on Social Reforms in Slums- Role of NGOs- Need of NGOs Network. Vision , Kadapa, 26th September.
 2010. 6th National Conference of Academy of Psychologists. S.V. University, Tirupati.13th -14th September.
 2010. National Seminar on Psychology in the Changing Global Scenario. S.V. University, Tirupati.29th -30th March.
 National seminar on Sports Psychology 2009 Psychology Osmania University Hyderabad..
 2009. 47th IAAP & 13 International Conference at Aurangabad.
 2008. In International Symposium and Conference of Geriatrics and Gerontology and 14th Biennial meeting of the Association of Gerontology(India), S,.V. University, Tirupati, 16-18 December.
 1998 PLI National Conference at S,.V. University, Tirupati
Resource Person:
2015 workshop on “Eenadu Hai Bujji ” organized by Eenadu Communications Hyd., collaboration with Y.V.University kadapa. Nov, 8th 15th 22th and 29th, 2015.
2012. Workshop on “Research Methodology” organized by ICSSR-SRC, Hyd., in collaboration with Y.V. University, Kadapa, Feb, 13-18th, 2015.
Training Programs:
 Attended Training program on SPSS for 3 days at JNT University Hyderabad, 2008.
 Attended E-learning program for 7 days at JNT University Hyderabad.
 Attended Training session on Health Promotion and Prevention of Functional Decline. Conducted by Dr.Renu Varghees - US-India Educational Foundation – Fulbright Fellow – Sri Venkateswara University -11th March 2016.