K.srinivasa rao
Assistant Professor & Coordinator
+91 9618712660
kanususrinivas@yogivemanauniversity.ac.in , kanususrinivas@gmail.com
Qualification :
B.Tech , M.Tech degree from JNTUH, Hyderabad , A.P. India
Previous experience:
1. Assistant Professor in YVU from 21/7/2009 to till date
2. Lecturer in Bapatla Engineering College, bapatala (Ratified) from 1-8-2006 to 13-9-2007
Area/s of research interests :
Image Processing, Computer Networks.
Achievements/Awards :
1. GATE qualified
2. State 5th rank in (IT) and 38th rank in (CSE),conducted by APSCHE,GOVT. OF A.P.
3. Microsoft Certified Professional by Microsoft.
Details of significant paper publications :
1. K.srinivasa Rao , Ratnakumari Challa “A new approach for Palmprint Matchingusing Statistical parameters“,(accepted on 19May2011) OJCST, ISSN : 0974-6471.
2. K.srinivasa rao , Ratnakumari challa “A Method for Palmprint Verification Using Array of Mean Values of the Pixels in the Grids of ROI”, (accepted 23 June, 2011 ( IJCSIT)”, ISSN:0975-964.