Dr.K.Raghu Babu,
Assistant Professor
Qualification :
M.Sc., Ph.D.
Experience :
9 years.
Area of research interests :
Petrology, Mineral Exploration, Remote Sensing, GIS, Environmental Geology.
Research Grants
UGC Major Research Project entitled “Mapping of Natural Resources of Kadapa district using LANDSAT ETM+ image (11.20 lakhs) from 1-4-2013 to 31-3-2016 (3 years)
Research Students
1 Submitted
3 Working (Total 4 Nos.)
Attended :9 ,
organized :1.
Selected Best Publications:
1. Raghu Babu, K., Sudarsana Raju, G., Keshava Kiran Kumar, P.L., (2015) Exploration of Alteration Minerals by application of IDW method to identify Spectral Signature Halow in the processing of a Satellite Image, International Journal of Research in Engineering and Applied Sciences, Vol. 5, Issue 6, pp. 280-290. ISSN 2249-3905, Impact Factor 5.981
2. Keshava Kiran Kumar, P.L., Raghu Babu, K., Sudarsana Raju, G., Sivaprathap, T., (2015) Influence of geormophology and geology on land use land cover patterns, a case study in parts of YSR district, A.P., International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development, Vol. 2(2), pp. 175-180. ISSN No. 2349-4182, Impact Factor: 3.762
3. Keshava Kiran Kumar, P.L. and Raghu Babu, K., (2015) Evaluation of Land use Land cover for potential town planning using remote sensing and GIS Techniques around Kadapa Mandal, YSR district, Andhra Pradesh, India, International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development Vol. 2(1), pp. 65-69. ISSN No. 2349-4182, Impact Factor:3.762.
4. Ragaranjan, D.K. and Raghu Babu, K., (2014) Innovative Biomass Energy system and a remedy for Green House Gass Effects, Global Journal for Research Analysis, Vol. 3, Issue 12, pp. 48-50. ISSN No. 2277-8160; Impact Factor – 1.504
5.Sudarsana Raju, G., Raghu Babu, K., Ashok Kumar Reddy, P.T., Keshava Kiran Kumar, P.L., (2014) Geostatistical Analysis of Groundwater in and around Kadiri, Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh, India, International Journal of Scientific Research, Vol. 3, Issue 11, pp. 261- 271. ISSN No.2277-8179, Impact Factor: 3.508
6.Raghu babu, K., (2014) Systamatic Mineral Exploration Studies in parts of Veligallu Schist Belt, YSR District, A.P., India, International Journal of Geomatics and Geosciences Vol.5, No.1, pp. 146-160. ISSN: 0976-4380.
7.Raghu babu, K., Sudarsana Raju, G., Keshava Kiran Kumar P.L., and Gangi Reddy, S., (2013) Petrochemistry and Genesis of Banded Iron Formation (BIF), A study from North Arcot District, Tamil Nadu, International Journal of Geology, Earth and Environmental Science Vol 3 (3) pp. 213-232. ISSN No. 2277-2081
8.D.K.Ragaranjan, K.Raghu Babu, T.Shiva Pratap (2013) Uranium Extraction from Groundwater and Nuclear Plant Waste Water around Mining Area Using Zeolites, International Journal of Basic and Applied Chemical Sciences Vol. 3 (4) pp. 20-23 ISSN: 2277-2073.
9.G.Sudarsana Raju, K.Raghu babu, K.N.Siva Kumar and S.Gangi Reddy (2013) Geochemistry of Granite Gneisses in parts of North Arcot District, Tamil Nadu, India, International Journal of Basic and Applied Chemical Sciences Vol. 3 (3), pp. 1-10. ISSN No. 2277-2073. D.K.Ragaranjan, K.Raghu Babu (2013) Energy production by systematic treatment of banana waste, a remedy to pollution control and global warming, International Journal of Green and Herbal Chemistry, Vol.2, pp. 568-575. E-ISSN: 2278-3229. Impact factor: 1.003
10.K.Raghu Babu, D.K.Ragaranjan, (2013) Electro Kinetic Potential for ore beneficiation of CaCO3 Journal of Environmental Science, Computer Science and Engineering & Technology, Vol. 2, No.1, pp. 187-191 E-ISSN: 2278-179X. Impact factor:1.472
Any specific inclusions (books, patents, collaborations etc.)
1.K.Raghu Babu (2012) Role of Media in Science Popularisation New Media Technology & Society, Paramount Publishing House, First Edition, pp. 129-132. ISBN: 978-93-82163-64-0
2.K.Raghu Babu (2016) Temples of Medieval period of YSR distict Andhr Pradesh : Geologiacl aspects influencing their preservation, Visual art forms of Medieval India, Compendium of National Seminar Papers, pp. 115 to 117. ISBN No. 978-93-5254-229.