Name of the Department with Address and Contact number :
Materials Science and Nanotechnology
Yogi Vemana University,
Kadapa – 516 005
Phone: 08562-225451
Year of Establishment :
About the Department :

Material Science and Nanotechnology is an emerging multi-disciplinary field related with application of science, engineering and technology to develop novel materials and study of their properties with dimensions reduced to nano-scale level. This department offers 2 year full time M.Sc. in Materials Science and Nanotechnology. The eligibility to take admission into this course is B.Sc. with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

The course curriculum includes fundamentals of physics and chemistry, polymer, ceramic, composite, semiconductor and catalytic materials. It also includes methods of preparation of nanomaterials, properties of materials both bulk as well as nanomaterials, nano-devices and technologies, analytical and advanced characterization techniques, applications of nanomaterials. Along with theory, laboratory courses on different aspects of material science and nanotechnology are also incorporated.

In addition to theory and lab courses, the curriculum also includes an internal project work in the 4th semester leading to dissertation and viva voce. Apart from regular curriculum, summer projects works will also be arranged depending on the interest of the students at central institutes/universities. This program is designed to enrich knowledge and skills and produce highly employable post graduates.

This department also offers full time Ph.D course on different specializations such as nano- catalysis, magnetic and ferroelectric materials, polymeric materials, synthesis of nanomaterials etc depending on the specialization of the faculty members.

Details of the faculty members :
Name of the Faculty Designation Specialization
Dr.M.V.Shankar Professor & Head Heterogeneous Catalysis, Nanomaterials, Solar energy
Dr.N.Rama Manohar Reddy Assistant Professor & Co-ordinator Magnetic and ferroelectric materials
Dr.B.Vijaya Kumar Naidu Assistant Professor Polymeric materials, Nanomaterials Polymer photovoltaics
Dr.S.Adi Narayana Reddy Assistant Professor Nanomaterial synthesis, Synthesis of transition active metal complexes and its applications and Synthesis and purification of heavy/radioactive metal ions
Dr.Mamatha Kumari Assistant Professor Nanomaterial synthesis, Carbon nanotubes and Energy applications
Achievements :
  1. Dr. B. Vijaya Kumar Naidu was awarded UGC Raman Postdoctoral Fellowship to work at United States of America for a period of one year in the year 2014-15.
  2. Dr. M.V. Shankar was awarded Visiting Scientist of JSPS-DST Exploratory Exchange under JCIS program in 2011
  3. Miss. Mamatha Kumari was awarded INSPIRE fellowship by DST, New Delhi in 2010
  4. Dr. B. Vijaya Kumar Naidu was awarded Young Scientist by DST, New Delhi in the year 2010.
Projects undertaken :
Title of the Research Projects Funding Agency and Budget Duration of the Project
Development of Semiconductor Nanocomposites for Photo Catalytic Water Splitting into H2 and O2 under Solar Llight Irradiation Ministry of New Renewable Energy (MNRE), New Delhi Rs. 35 Lakhs 2011-2014 (3 years)
Development of Hydrophilic, Hydrophobic Based Polymeric Membrane for Pervaporation Separation Application. D.S.T New Delhi Rs.17.6 Lakhs 2011-2014 (3 years)
Nanostructured TiO2 Incorporated Polymer Nanocomposite Membranes for Pervaporation Separation application U.G.C, New Delhi Rs. 9.7 Lakhs 2013-2016 (3 years)
Development of Nano-adsorbents for The Removal of Heavy Metal Ions from Waste Water Streams U.G.C., New Delhi Rs. 8.71 Lakhs 2013-2016 (3 year)
Award/medals received by student :
1. Mr. A. Sai Kumar (2011-13 batch) was awarded INSPIRE fellowship by DST, New Delhi in 2014
2. Mr. N. Lakshmana Reddy (2010-12 batch) was awarded INSPIRE fellowship by DST, New Delhi in 2013
Instrumentation facility :
1. Zeta Sizer, Model Nano S-90 (Malvern, UK) for measuring size and size distribution of nanomaterials ranging from 10-5000 nm (UGC grants)
2. LCR bridge, (Hioki, Germany) for measuring electrical and magnetic properties for solid samples (UGC grants)
3. Gas chromatography with TCD detector (Shimadzu GC-2014) for hydrogen and oxygen analysis (MNRE project)
4. Spin coater for thin film preparation (MNRE Project)
5. Cooling Centrifuge (REMI) upto 37000 RCF (UGC Project)
6. Digital Refractometer for liquid samples (DST project)
Details of Research Scholars :
Name of the Students Research Topic Name & Academic Qualifications of the Research supervisor
D. Praveen Kumar Nano photo-catalysis for water-splitting Dr. M. V. Shankar, M.Sc. Ph.D
A. Viswadevarayalu Synthesis of Nanomaterials Dr. S. Adinarayana Reddy, M.Sc. Ph.D.
S. Siva Shankar Polymer membranes/ nanosystems Dr. B. Vijaya Kumar Naidu,M.Sc (Tech), Ph.D
P. VenkataRamaa Removal of metal ions Dr. S. Adinarayana Reddy, M.Sc. Ph.D.
P. Bhavani Magnetic Nanomaterials Dr. N. Ramamanohar Reddy, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D
C. Raja Babu Magnetic Nanomaterials Dr. N. Ramamanohar Reddy,M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D
B. VenkataRamana Polymer nanosystems /membranes Dr. B. Vijaya Kumar Naidu, M.Sc (Tech), Ph.D
N. Lakshmana Reddy Core-shell nanostructures
for hydrogen production by photo- catalysis
Dr. M. V. Shankar, M.Sc. Ph.D
Number of Students (Semester Wise):
2nd Year (3rd semester 2013-15) : 18
1st Year (1st Semester 2014-16) : 10 (admitted)
Seminars/Conferences/Symposia/Workshops/Guest lecturers conducted :
  1. Organized one day National seminar on “Recent Trends in Advanced Materials” (RTAM-2014) on 1st march 2014
  2. Guest lecture has been delivered by Dr. S. Saravanamurugan, Senior Researcher, Technical University of Denmark on “Carbohydrates to lactic acid derivatives using heterogeneous catalysis” in September 2010
  3. Guest lecture has been delivered by Dr. S. Rangaraj, Visiting Professor, Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat on “Nanotechnology in Environmental green chemistry” in Aug 2011
  4. Guest lecture delivered by Dr. (Mrs.) V. Durga Kumari, Chief Scientist, IICT, Hyderabad in August 2012 on “Applications of photo-catalysis for energy and Environment”
  5. Guest lecture delivered by Dr. S. Sakthivel, Senior Scientist, ARCI, Hyderabad on “Applications of Nanomaterials for Solar Energy Conversion” in March 2012
  6. Guest lecture delivered by Dr. T. Chandrasekharam, Sciensit, IICT, Hyderabad on “Dye sensitized solar cells” in March 2012
  7. Organized one day seminar sponsored by UGC, New Delhi on “ Emerging Trends in Nanotechnology” on 21st March 2012