Dr.Machireddy Ramakrishna Reddy

+91 9441325055
Qualification :
Ph.D. S. V University, Tirupati
Experience :
- Head, Dept of Geoinformatics at Yogi Vemana University College from 15-09-06 to 13-8-09
- Dean, College Development Council at Yogi Vemana University from 24-11-06 till date
- Controller of Examinations at Yogi Vemana University from 02-02-07 to 19-09-07
- Special Officer, 21st Century Gurukulam at Yogi Vemana University from 20-09-07 till 20-11-07
- Special Officer, Examinations Section, Yogi Vemana University from 20-09-07 to 20-8-09
- Dean, School of Physical Sciences at Yogi Vemana University College from 8-09-08 to 13-8-09
- In charge Dean, School of Management Studies at Yogi Vemana University College from 8-08-08 to 13-8-09
- Dean, School of Earth Sciences at Yogi Vemana University College from 13-08-09 till date
- Principal In charge at Yogi Vemana University College of Engineering, Proddutur from 2-06-09 to 17-2-09
- Principal at Yogi Vemana University College from 21-6-10 to 20-6-11
Area/s of research interests :
- Hydrogeology/Water Resources
- Mineral Exploration and Structure of Minerals
- Remote Sensing and GIS
Projects undertaken :
Geospatial Analysis of Fluoride in Groundwater in parts of Kadapa, YSR District, A.P -Cost: 25,00,560 -Agency: Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi
Achievements/Awards :
President’s Scout Certificate presented by His Excellency President V.V. Giri- 1972
Details of significant paper publications :
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