Prof.Srinivasulu Bayineni
+91 9705639110
bayineni@gmail.com / bayineni@yogivemanauniversity.ac.in
Qualifications :
MA (Eco), MA (His), PGDBA, PGDMM, DPMIR, Ph.D. (Eco).
Work Experience :
PDF experience: 1996-2002,
Teaching experience: 2003 to till date,
Administrative experience: 3 years.
Area of research interest :
Development Economics,
Industrial Economics,
International Economics,
Economic Reforms and Globalization .
Editor :
[ISSN:0975-5942 (Electronic)/ISSN:2229-5801(Print)].
Research students (Ph.D awarded/working):
Ph.D : 01 Awarded
Ph.D : 03 Working
Member in Professional Bodies :
1. Life Member in Andhra Pradesh Economic Association (APEA),
2. Life Member in Indian Economic Association (IEA),
3. Life Member in International Society for Asia Pacific Studies (ISAPS).
Conference/symposia attended:
National: 14,
International: 07.
Conference/symposia organized :
Selected Best Publications :
1. “The Puzzle of Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction in Asia”, ASIA-PACIFIC JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES, Special Issue No.1, December 2010, Tirupati, pp 47-55, www.socialsciences-ejournal.org, (ISSN 0975-5942(Electronic)
2. “Solar Energy in Asia and Pacific: Key to Sustaining Global Economic Growth”, ASIA-PACIFIC JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES, Special Issue No.2, December 2011, Tirupati, pp 1-10, www.socialsciences-ejournal.org, [ISSN 0975-5942(Electronic)/ISSN 2229-5801(Print)].
3. “Power Sector Reforms in Andhra Pradesh: A Key Initiative for Economic Development” for XXIX Annual Conference of Andhra Pradesh Economic Association (APEA), Jagarlamudi Kuppuswamy Choudary College (JKC), Guntur-522006 on 12-13 February 2011, pp 15-22.
4. “Changing Role for Emerging Economies: India and China”, in T. Nirmala Devi (ed): South Asia and Global Financial Crisis, Pentagon Press, New Delhi, 2011, pp.114-122. (ISBN 978-81-8274-513-1).
5. “Asian Approach to Economic Development: The Case of East Asia’s Four Tigers”, in K. Raja Reddy (ed): Foreign Policy of India and Asia-Pacific, New Century Publications, New Delhi, 2012, pp 294-305. (ISBN: 978-81-7708-289-0).
6. “Foreign Direct Investment is the Driving Force in Economic Relations between India and Japan”, ASIA-PACIFIC JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES, Special Issue No.3, December 2012, Tirupati, pp 90-101, www.socialsciences-ejournal.org, [ISSN 0975-5942(Electronic)/ISSN 2229-5801(Print)].
7. “The Contributions of Amartya Kumar Sen to Development Economics”, in Inderjeet Singh & Anil Kumar Thakur (eds): Economic Thoughts of Amartya Sen, Regal Publications, New Delhi, 2012, pp.269-278. (ISBN 978-81-8484-149-7).
8. “Development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs): The Engine of Economic Growth”, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES, Vol.1, No.2, July, 2013, Chennai, pp 49-58, ISSN: 2321-1423.
9. “International Trade: As Growth Facilitator for SAARC Countries”, AREA STUDIES – A JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL STUDIES AND ANALYSES, Vol.7, No.1, January-June, 2013, Tirupati, pp 83-93, ISSN 0975-6035.
10. Growth of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises: A Case Study of YSR District, Andhra Pradesh; INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT 2(10): 8-21 (2015), Chennai, pp.8-21, ISSN (Print): 2348-1919 Impact Factor: 0.745.