Department of Microbiology,
Qualifications :
M.Sc. Ph.D
Work experience (PDF/Teaching etc.):

8 years(PDF)

12 years (Yogi Vemana University)

Administrative Experience :
Head - Department of Microbiology,
Department of Zoology
BOS- Department of Microbiology(current year)
Department of Zoology (current year)
Department of Psychology(current year)
Chief Superintendent of YVU examn’s
Coordinator-UGC-cell –YVU
Coordinator-RUSA –YVU
Coordinator-Central Instrumentation facility –YVU
Controller of Examinations—YVU (2018 onwards…)

Area of research interest:

Microbial Biotechnology,
Medical Microbiology and Molecular biology.
Research grants:
CSIR, New Delhi-22,00,000/-
DBT, New Delhi-32.21600/-
UGC, New Delhi-11,60,800/-
Research students (Ph.D awarded/working) :
Awarded :04
Working :01.
Awards and achievements :
JSPS Fellow
Ramanujan Fellow, DST, India
Conference/symposia attended :
Conference/symposia organized :
Selected best publications
1.Pallavali RR, Degati VL, Lomada D, Reddy MC, Durbaka VRP (2017) Isolation and in vitro evaluation of bacteriophages against MDR-bacterial isolates from septic wound infections. PloS ONE 12(7): e0179245. https://doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0179245.
2. Pallavali, R. R., Degati, V. L., Reddy, N. V. R., & Durbaka, V. R. P. (2019). Isolation and characterization of a lytic bacteriophage (vB_PAnP_PADP4) against MDR- Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from septic wound infections. African Journal of Biotechnology, 18(15), 325-333
3. Pallavali, Roja Rani, Srinu Avula, Vijaya Lakshmi Degati, Mohan Penubala, A. G. Damu, and Vijaya Raghava Prasad Durbaka. "Data of antibacterial activity of plant leaves crude extract on bacterial isolates of wound infections." Data in Brief (2019): 103896
4. Roja Rani Pallavali1 , Suresh Yenugu2 , Vijaya Lakshmi Degati3 , Venkata Ramireddy Narala4 , Kiran Kumar Velpula5 , and Vijaya Raghava Prasad Durbaka6*, Bacteriophage and phage cocktail application for the eradication of single and dual-species Biofilms formed by MDR-bacteria causing wound infections. (publication due with Frontiers in Micro)
5.Sweeten PAMPs: Role of Sugar Complexed PAMPs in Innate Immunity and Vaccine Biology Frontiers in Immunology (2013), 4: 248
6. Antimicrobial effect of Lipoxygenase mediated primary phyto-oxylipins from Horse gram (Dolichos bifloruse) germinating seedlings on common microbial flora (1979-1982) Int. J. of Recent Scientific Research (2013) 4 (12):
7. gdTcell-mediated immune responses in disease and therapy Frontiers in Immunology, (2014) ,5 : 571 /1
8. Role of farnesoid X receptor in inflammation and resolution. Inflammation Research, (2014)
Any specific inclusions (books, atents, collaborations etc.):
Text Book of Immunology
ISBN 978-81-85708-37-9.-
Book Chapter-1---Publication due